Check in15:00
Check out11:00
Full CleaningOnce every 3 days (Bedding & All items)
Cleaning during stayBottled water, towels, bedding, trashi can cleaning -Free
Requested cleaning during stay (For Familia A, Familia B & Casa Mila)33,000 won
Requested cleaning during stay (For Ocean Terrace & Atrium)
55,000 won
Requested cleaning during stay (For Pent House)
77,000 won
Additional person charge
33,000 won
Additional person charge (for failure to notify)55,000 won
Baby Bed Charge16,500 won
Breakfast Charge27,500 won
Breakfast Operation hours7:30 - 10:00
Breakfast StyleAmerican egg dishes / Korean breakfast
Cancellation before 7 daysFree
Cancellation between 3 and 6 days before check-in20%
Cancellation before 2 days
Cancellation before 24 days
Indoor, outdoor bathtub and Hinoki
It is abailable for free and cannot be used during maintenance or breakdown.

※ The above rates do include taxes.

Information on reservation cancellations, changes, and no-shows

To change or cancel your reservation, please contact us by 17:00 8 days prior to check-in.

· 7 days before check-in date: No penalty

· 3 to 6 days before check-in date: 20% penalty

· 2 days before check-in date: 50% penalty

· 24 hours before check-in date ~ on the day: 100% penalty (non-refundable)

Precautions when using the resort

· All spaces within the hotel including guest rooms, are non-smoking, and smoking is permitted only in designated outside areas.

· Simple cooking is possible in the room, but to ensure a comfortable room environment, grilling meat, fish, crustaceans or cooking with oil is prohibited in the room.

· All pets except guide dogs are prohibited.

· A separate penalty will be imposed if the above hotel regulations are violated.

Inquiries and reservations : 064-732-5700 /

Enjoy high-class relaxation at Velum Resort private village.