VELUM Resort Philosophy and Service Value

It was established to help travelers who visited VELUM Resort recover their souls and bodies through genuine rest and return to their vibrant daily lives.

The Core Value of Velum is ‘Luxury, Healing and Refresh’

Brightness, Cheerfulness, Color, Sense, Expression

The Fiesta Familia room is designed for the MZ generation.
The core values of the room are 'brightness, clarity, color, sense, and expression'.
It is a room designed specifically for the rest of the young generation that is excellent for cost-effectiveness.
Experience the song of birds, the wind of Halla

Mountain, and the sunshine of Seogwipo in the outdoor bathtub.
It's unique and exotic

Luxury, Splendor, Harmony, Space, Healing 

“The core values of Casa Mili, Ocean Terrace, Atrium, and Penthouse rooms are

 ‘Luxury, Splendor, Harmony, Space, and Healing.’

These rooms provide a warm emotional contribution to 

'traveling with our precious family' in this era of nuclear families. "

The first phrase that comes to mind about Velum Resort is ‘an accommodation where three generations can travel together’.

This room allows for communal family gatherings and individual separation.

This room is a satisfactory accommodation for those who come for a 'family trip, workshop, or friendship trip'.

Experience a special and exotic feeling in the hinoki bath in the penthouse, atrium and the outdoor bath on the ocean terrace.

Velum Resort Philosophy and Service Value

It provides a valuable rest for tired modern people. It allows travelers who stayed at the Velum Resort to return to their vibrant daily lives. This is the service philosophy of Velum Resort. Luxury Specialty, Healing of Body and Soul, Energetic Energy' is the service value pursued by Velum Resort.

The Value of VELUM is
‘Luxury, Healing, and Refresh’

Velum for Young & Casual

‘Fiesta & Familia’ guest rooms are bright, cheerful, vivid colors, sensuous interiors, and bold outdoor baths. It is a room designed for the younger generation with a reasonable price.

Velum for Small Group & Luxury 

‘Casa Mila, Ocean Terrace, Atrium, Pent House,’ a family trip with three generations or workshops by department or friend gathering trip. This room has become famous for its ‘Wide guest rooms, Comport, and Luxurious accommodation’. Ocean Terrace's bold outdoor bath and Hinoki bath in Atirum & Pent House make your trip even more special.